Week 1 Of The 52 Week Self Fulfillment Challenge (2/14 – 2/20)

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This is week one of Tiffany Lambert’s Self Fulfillment Challenge.  If you haven’t read about it, you can read about it here. I started a day late for week 1 of this challenge, so I missed Valentine’s Day.  Below I’ll list my goals for the week and my progress for each day will also be added.

My goals for this challenge include two areas: career and health.

Goals For Week 1

Career (in addition to my wah job):
– 1 hour PLR Daily (minimum)
– 1 hour on new posts/updates for my affiliate sites daily (minimum)
– 1 post on this site (for the week) (minimum)
– pinterest for new and updated posts daily

– No fast food
– drink proper amount of water

I will log progress daily.

Progress For Week 1

Tuesday 2/14 –

Wednesday 2/15 – I completed all Career goals except for Pinterest, which I forgot about.  I will do that today and will be on track. I did have less work available at my wah job, so this could be more difficult as more work is available there.

The health goals were trickier.  I met my water goal.  I also met my no fast food goal, until late night when I went and got fast food before bed.  It was after I posted success in the group, so I’m calling it self sabotage and I’ll be more mindful going forward.

Thursday 2/16 – 

I got my hours in for my wah job for the day and I worked on a post for a website.  Focus was low, wasn’t feeling well.

Did not have success with health goals.

Friday 2/17 –

I had a rough night Thursday night and did not sleep well, so I ended up sleeping most of the day on Friday.  I have been sick off and on, and my fever came back for part of the day.  I rested.vI did not reach my career or health goals.

Saturday 1/18 –

Woke up at 3AM and I feel better.  Tasks for WAH job low, so will work on my career goals today.  I’ve decided to spend another week on the same goals or slightly modify them, not completely sure.

Sunday 1/19 – Monday 1/20 –

I did not do well with tracking these days, but I was working on updating one of my sites.  I am still low on my WAH job tasks.

Week 1 Weekly Overview

– This week was mixed. I feel successful because I returned my focus to what’s important to me.  I didn’t achieve all my goals, but the shift in my thinking is amazing.



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