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When looking at this bare website, it’s easy to see that it’s been difficult for me to get into the habit of blogging here regularly.  I previously unpublished every post for a fresh start, but I have yet to prioritize this site.  Priorities are tricky sometimes, but I think having them in order is the only way to be completely fulfilled in life.  If you priorities don’t reflect your goals, dreams, hopes, aspirations, and needs then you’re not going to feel whole.

I have a wonderful life, but there are two areas where I’ve been struggling: health and career.  My health has been up and down over the years, but currently I’m obese and almost back to my highest weight. My career is tricky to explain.  I’m successful and unsuccessful all at the same time.  I’m successful in the sense that I work from home because that work well for my family.  I’m unsuccessful in the sense that my income isn’t where I want it to be and it doesn’t come from the sources I want it to.  Currently most of my income is from a work from home job rather than my own online endeavors.  I’m trading time for money, only doing it from home.  I do earn from affiliate sales from my sites, but not the full time income that I want.  I also want to have PLR as an income stream, and I’m pretty much starting from scratch with that.

In order to stay on track, I’ve joined Tiffany Lambert’s 52 Weeks of Self Fulfillment Challenge.  You can read her post here and join the Facebook group here if you’d like to join.  The point is to choose what you want to work on and have weekly goals that get you closer to your big goal while getting encouragement from others doing the same thing.  Some areas you may choose to work on are career, health, relationships, organization, finances….whatever will fulfill you personally.  All you have to do is set the voices of others around you to the side and listen to yourself.  What will make your life better?  I hope to see you there!

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