Merch Upload, Description Writing, and Publishing Service


Merch Upload, Description Writing, and Publishing Service

If you’re using Merch, Amazon’s POD, then I have an offer for you.  Maybe you like designing but hate to list.  Maybe you have a backlog of designs and just can’t seem to get them uploaded. Maybe you’d rather be doing something else with your time instead of publishing your tshirt designs.  If any of these sound familiar, let me help.

I can do your listings for you. I can upload your designs, choose the correct options, write your descriptions, and publish your designs.  All you do is send me your designs, login information, and tell me your preferences.  I will keep all information confidential.

I will list 10 designs for $15 ($1.50 per design) or I can list smaller orders for $2.00 per design.

Why Choose Me?

* I have a Merch Account and am familiar with it already.

* I have about 10 years experience writing online.

* I am knowledgeable about SEO and keywords.

* I pride myself on quality, and want to make my customers happy.

Ordering Instructions

  • Please make a separate order if you have multiple Merch accounts.
  • Uploading multiple designs for each brand or niche is most efficient because you’ll have to give fewer instructions per order.
  •  Directions for multiple brands or niches can be done in one order as long as it is for the same Merch account.
  • I will need your login information.
  • I will need your preference if there is one for titles, brand, and keywords. 
  • If there are other instructions including type of tshirt and tshirt colors to choose, please let me know.

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Your Message. Please let me know how many designs you will need uploaded. If you have more than one account, please use a different form for each account's order. You will see the specific information I need above this form under "ordering instructions" (required)

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