Addiction, Procrastination, And Change

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Change has been happening for me lately, most of which are internal changes, but there have been other changes as well.  Some of the changes have been good, some not so much, but change is inevitable whether by choice or chance.

Today was day two of being caffeine free (and I caved and had 2 cups of coffee this evening.  Cold turkey is tough when you’ve been drinking 2 post of coffee a day.).  I feel like I was hit by a truck.  I also have a cold and my whole body hurts.  I’ve slept for 2 days and have accomplished nothing in that time other than a whole lot of thinking.

I recently realized I’d been procrastinating because I didn’t know how to do something.  I had been procrastinating and dreading for so long, that I’d really forgot why I was dreading a task so bad.   It turns out there was an easy fix and I had an answer the same day after deciding to find an answer.    That will teach me.

I realize this post may seem like incomplete ramblings, but the point I’m trying to make is that change is hard, we all have set backs, but change is inevitable.

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